Saul2Paul Blog September 28, 2017

A BLOG POST FROM THE APOSTLE PAUL TO THE CHURCH IN THE USA Hi there Church in the USA! Gave you quite a lot to chew on in last week’s blog, and I have some more to talk to you about! Why? Because I love God and I love you! I don’t want to see you guys go down the wrong path, and we need to deal with judgement and guilt. Like now! You know … [Read more...]

Saul2Paul Blog September 21, 2017

A BLOGPOST FROM THE APOSTLE PAUL TO THE CHURCH IN THE USA To the Church in the USA! You guys know my story: I used to be Saul, I used to hate what you stood for; I used to persecute you. I gave the “ok” to kill Stephen –your first martyr. But then a crazy train wreck of an event happened to me while I was on my way to rout out some more of you … [Read more...]

Fall 2017: A New Bible Study on the Book of Romans

Saul2Paul: A New Study on Romans Beginning September 21, 2017, Jeffersonville Presbyterian will begin a new Bible Study Series. We will explore the letter Paul the Apostle wrote to the Christian Church in Rome, and how it relates to the Christian Church today. We begin at 7:30 p.m in the library. Please contact Betsi Moise at … [Read more...]