Fall 2017 Bible Study: Romans Lesson 1

Read Romans chapter 1: Our Consistent & Confident Faith

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Words to Ponder:

  • Gospel – literally, “good news;” in the New Testament it denotes the good tidings of the kingdom of God and of salvation through Christ
  • Grace – “favor, goodwill, lovingkindness;” as used in reference to God’s favor toward man, it’s freeness is stressed; i.e., unmerited favor. Because of whose we are, not who we are.
  • Faith – “trust, conviction;” produced by God’s Word (Ro 10:17), it  expresses itself through obedience and love  (Ro 1:5; Ga 5:6)
  • Power – from the Greek word dunamis (from which derives “dynamite”); “strength, ability”
  • Righteousness of God – 1) God doing that which is right (cf. Ro 3:25- 26); or 2) God’s way of making one right with Him (related to the concept of “justification,” declaring one to be “not guilty;” cf. Ro 4:6-8)

Discussion and Reflection:

Where is the theme if this epistle stated?
What are some examples of how we do not honor God?
Consider this statement: Our spiritual health is reflected in the health of the planet: How is one related to the other?
How does God express His wrath?
Define negative attributes in Social media – are any of them included in this chapter?

Memory Verse: 

 The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple.”  Psalm 19:7