An Invitation for Churches to Partner with the Presbytery in Mission & Ministry

Per capita funding is how Presbyterians mutually share the costs of coming together to discern the Spirit’s leading for the future.

  • It is how Presbyterians are trained to become better elders and ministers.
  • It is how Presbyterians discern God’s call in their lives.
  • It is how Presbyterians participate in the life of the wider church by serving on GA committees and commissions.
  • It is how Presbyterians participate in the life of the Church universal as we commit ourselves to work and live in fellowship with “all
  • persons in every nation”

The per capita amount for 2017 is $27.10 per person. If each church member set aside $2.26 per month the Presbytery could reach its Per Capita goal as they serve our churches locally and nationally.


  • $17.30 annual contribution to support Presbytery infrastructure necessary for mission in Philadelphia, Delaware, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties
  • $2.30 annual contribution to the Synod, which consists of 16 Presbyteries across Pennsylvania and parts of West Virginia and Ohio
  • $7.50 annual contribution to the Office of General Assembly, which supports our Synods, Presbyteries, and over 10,000 congregations

An invitation for church members to partner with the Presbytery as we host the necessary infrastructure to…

Walk Alongside Our Congregations in the joys, struggles, transitions, seasons of discernment, conflict management, and missional aspirations. Per Capita dollars make possible the ministry of the Presbytery Leadership Collegium and Commission on Ministry.

Facilitate a Network of Trust and Accountability through the ecclesiastical Offices of the Stated Clerk, treasurers, and accountants at all levels of our denomination. Per Capita dollars enable our leadership to maintain records and assure responsibility and compliance alongside the broader Body of Christ and Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Equip and Empower Church Leaders to serve our congregations and communities with intentionality, generosity, and creativity. Per Capita dollars make possible the Commission on Preparation for Ministry and Membership as we walk alongside candidates for ordination and receive new teaching elders.

Launch and Leverage New Possibilities through essential leadership catalysts who oversee grant programs, support creative ministry initiatives, and engage other budding ministry possibilities in our neighborhoods and communities.

Tell the Story and Gather the Faithful through the hosting of various meetings of Presbytery leadership commissions, committees, and mission groups. Per Capita dollars also make possible various publications, website and social media management, critical record keeping of our churches, and the work of the Presbyterian Historical Society located in Center City, Philadelphia.