An Expression of Our Gratitude and Hope for Our Church Family

A Letter to the Congregation of Jeffersonville Presbyterian Church from the Thursday Night Bible Study Group: 

To all the saints in Christ Jesus in the congregation of Jeffersonville Presbyterian Church; Grace and Peace be unto you! We bring you greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior. First, we are grateful for each of you, HIS disciples.

We are Thankful!

  • For Pastor Dave: You bring the gift of the presence of the Holy Spirit to us each and every Sunday, shepherding us closer to God: You are devoted to our Lord and Savior, and we praise God for sending you to our church. You are a faithful servant in the work of the gospel, and there is no one like you! May God continue to bless and guide you!
  • For our Music: Where words fail, God has given us music, and we are thankful for Bev, whose spirit of generosity, love and service brings a joyful noise to our congregation through the choir and hymns, allowing God’s Holy Spirit to resonate deeply in our hearts.
  • To Our Elders: You have been set aside, anointed and ordained to help lead God’s people. We are thankful for the spirit of wisdom, maturity of faith and leadership within our congregation; helping our congregation to be strengthened and nurtured in our faith and spiritual growth.
  • Our Deacons: We are so grateful that you have chosen to accept God’s calling to minister to the sick and shut in, the infirm, the abandoned, the castaways and the disenfranchised. Thank you for feeding the hungry and clothing the naked! You share the love of Jesus Christ to all who come here.
  • The Congregation: We are grateful for all of our young adults, our men and women, our mothers and fathers, our grandmothers and grandfathers, our seniors and older adults we call the family of JPC. We are called as a people of faith to bear witness together to the Truth of Jesus Christ, and your faithfulness to this church family has shown all who enter that they are welcome to become a part of fellowship and ministry in this sacred space.
  • Our Children: Jesus says in Matthew 19:14: “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” We have great joy in watching our young children and youth blossom in the light and love of the Holy Spirit. Your energy, laughter and curiosity encourage us. We give praise and thanks to God for the privilege of helping our young people come to know the Lord.
  • Your Hospitality: We pray that your heart for hospitality continues to be a light in our community! Through Dot and Jean, you showed me (Geetha) your hospitality when you welcomed me; a stranger. You made me feel like part of the family as you greeted me in love, welcomed me as a friend, and guided me through the order or worship. May we all continue to greet the stranger who God has placed in our midst with the same friendship, hospitality and love that has been given to me.
  • Our Bells: We are grateful for the music of the bells that spill out to our community, a comfort and a presence of God in West Norriton, marking the time and rhythm of our lives together in this neighborhood.

Instruction and encouragement:

Our prayer is that your love may overflow more and more into the community of West Norriton, helping our neighbors and friends come to know and understand the unfathomable gifts of Grace and Mercy freely given to us from the outpouring of Gods unmeasurable love.

We pray for wisdom so that our words and actions will shine brightly in this township; providing welcome, hope and love to those among us who are hurting; providing open arms to those who have been marginalized or ignored; inviting our neighbors to Christ Table where all are welcome in His name. Let us continue to encourage each other to speak the Word with fearlessness and with compassion.

Therefore, our beloved congregation, continue the good work God has placed in each of your hearts, working together in one accord, helping each other through difficulties, extending grace, sharing at table, forbearing one another, all for the sake of the Gospel, and as we do the work God has placed before us, we will feel His good pleasure.

Prayer for Love

We pray the congregation of Jeffersonville may feel love. Love for each other. Love for the world in which they live. And through that love, shine as welcoming examples of that love. To represent God through Jesus Christ with open arms; with courage, humility, joy, and …love. Never be discouraged, but press on. Never give up on God’s message … never give up on love.

Strength and Rejoicing:

Beloved, we cherish your prayers! Through prayer and petition, we know we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

We continue to pray no one will be ridiculed, teased or put to shame for speaking the Truth of the Gospel, but we would be strengthened to speak with boldness, knowing that through our community (our family) of faith here at Jeffersonville, Christ will be exalted now as always.

Finally, our brothers and sisters, rejoice in the Lord! We lift up the saints that have gone before us; their labor was not in vain, for they have built up a foundation in this community that continues to grow in the Love of the Lord. Let the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

 To our God and Father be glory forever and ever! And the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.  Amen.

Jane Sillcox, Geetha Vinnakota, Ganesh Vinnakota, Gail Scott, Lois Hierdahl, Mary Ellen Sillcox, Alison King, and Betsi Moise