We want to help you grow in Christ, and we have many different ministries in order to help foster that growth. Please explore our different ministry areas:

Prayer Group led by Pastor Dave.

Every Tuesday at 11AM, we pray for each other, the church and the community in the church library.  All are welcome.  We pray in various forms from popcorn prayer, to meditation, to silence, to doxology.  If you do not feel comfortable praying aloud, no problem!  Many people come and pray in silence.

Adult Sunday School. 

Sundays at 10:45AM.   Instructor, Jack Lyons.  Currently, we are studying the book of Romans.  Chapter by chapter and verse by verse we are exploring the book that is commonly referred to as the theology of the New Testament.

Sunday School for Children. 

Sundays at 9:45AM.  Instructor, Deva Mekala.

Vacation Bible School

The 20/20 challenge – Online Bible Study Series

Led by Elder Betsi Moise.  What is your Spiritual Eyesight?  It should be 20/20! Elder Betsi is challenging you to commit to the 20/20 Spiritual Growth series.  It’s 20 minutes for 20 days reflecting on Scriptures that will help you improve your spiritual “eyesight”.  This study will begin on March 3, 2014 and go through to March 22, 2014. Are you willing to take the challenge?


(Missions we support)