Rev. Dave Larkin, Pastor

Pastor Dave Larkin was born in Havertown, PA and raised in an unchurched home. Shortly before his 21st birthday, Dave converted to Jesus Christ.  Struck by the authority of the Bible and a sense that God was calling Him to faith, Dave visited a local Presbyterian Church, Bethany Presbyterian and was led into the sanctuary to profess his faith.  A powerful conversion experience moved Dave to transfer from pre-med at Temple to Eastern College where he graduated with a degree in Theology and Philosophy.  He continued his studies at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, earning a Master of Divinity in Theological Studies.  While in seminary, Dave served as a youth minister and chaplain.  Feeling called to continue in parish ministry, Dave accepted calls in the Presbyterian Church as both an Associate Pastor, then Solo Pastor.  In 2010, Dave began serving Jeffersonville Presbyterian.  He has a passion for preaching and teaching theology, outreach and discipleship.  Dave is married to Holly and they have three children: David (12), Jacob (10), and Alyssa (6).  He enjoys reading, working-out and travelling.    

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