Fall 2016 Bible Study: Ezekiel (God Is Strong)


A long time ago in a nation far far away there were crazy winds, giant wheels in the sky and mysterious four-faced creatures! What does it all mean? Come to Bible Study tonight as we explore Ezekiel 1:1 – 3:27, and unpack these visions and prophecies.

Join us on Thursday evenings from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m for an exciting Bible Study of the Prophet!

Ezekiel was born into a turbulent time in the world.  Like his father before him, he came from a priestly family. He watched Israel suffer from internal corruption and sinfulness. The rich had become richer; the poor had become poorer. The priests competed for “top spots” in the temples and the Jews had lost their moorings. Outside of Jerusalem, nations were at war, and the super-power, Babylon, was taking over the world – country by country. Ethics and morality took a back seat to deceitfulness and corruption in religion, politics and commerce. Those trying to remain righteous struggled with despair. It is into this chaotic and complicated world the power of the Holy Spirit of God begins to awaken in Ezekiel. God visits Ezekiel in the form of a vision to show him the life beyond the hate, greed, corruption and violence.  The power of God, which had once run strong through the lives of the Jewish people was returning; entering into the confusion and hopelessness of the world to bring His Truth back to a lost people.

Join us on an exciting journey through the Book of Ezekiel!

Ezekiel means “God is strong.”  His messages are dated between the years 593-571 B.C. and were given to his fellow exiles in Babylonian captivity. Ezekiel grew up in the environs of the temple in Jerusalem, since he was born in a priestly family. Born in 623 B.c., he witnessed the changing fortunes of his people and was included in the exile to Babylon in 597 B.C. Called to the prophetic ministry in 593 B.C. through a spectacular divine revelation, he was made conscious of God’s presence and message in the midst of the idolatrous surroundings of Babylon.  During the first part of his ministry, Ezekiel proclaimed essentially the same message given by Jeremiah: Jerusalem is doomed to destruction. The sinfulness and idolatry prevailing in Jerusalem will result in God’s abandoning the temple, as well as Jerusalem-with judgment to follow. Babylonian captivity is certain. After the news reached Babylon that Jerusalem actually had been destroyed in 586 B.C., Ezekiel proclaimed a new message of hope and restoration. God as the great Shepherd will regather the Israelites from the ends of the earth and reestablish them in their own land. The nations who challenge Israel’s return will be defeated and judged.