Saul2Paul Blog September 21, 2017


To the Church in the USA! You guys know my story: I used to be Saul, I used to hate what you stood for; I used to persecute you. I gave the “ok” to kill Stephen –your first martyr. But then a crazy train wreck of an event happened to me while I was on my way to rout out some more of you Jesus people. Ended up on my knees and blind as could be-funny, but that’s the first time in my life I saw clearly – like WOW! And I breathed in the Truth fully and I loved the Truth with my whole heart! “Really” you say? YUP!

Hey, I knew the prophets – I grew up on their stories, read about God’s promises. I mean, generation after generation was hanging around waiting for a Messiah. It became kind of a habit-like “Hey dude, what are you doing?” “Me? Just waiting.” Like you wait for Santa Claus – it just didn’t really count in my life; wasn’t real for me.

But that Holy Spirit has some crazy wild power!! Way beyond any special effects and gimmicks. This wasn’t some weird reality show with a hidden camera – like “what’s Saul gonna do when we give him a light show?” This was the real deal! I knew Jesus to be Truth. He had called me –ME, the mean dude who bullied His Church! I am who I am because He called me, not because of what I’ve done. He gave me life – that’s what I want to share with you, Church in the USA. So I greet you now! @JesusTrueMessiah! Can I get an amen!

So now I find myself in this really fun, really weird place #IAmAnApostle. So cool!

I’m writing to tell you I love all of you and am so super glad because of YOUR FAITH! Claim it and proclaim it; your faith is amazing and I fall on my knees with total gratitude, all the time. I so wish I could be there with you guys so I can share some things about walking in the spirit…I’m still trying to get there, it’s just my transportation options are iffy, and Visa’s red-tape…You have no idea how many times I’ve made plans to visit you.

I get so much encouragement when I meet people all over the world! Their faith empowers them to boldly claim the life that Christ offers. And that makes my head spin—it a good way. The Gospel rocks!!!

Be bold always. I am NOT ashamed of the Gospel! It is the power of God! We in faith have been redeemed! It is open and free to EVERYONE. When we live in faith, we show others the Truth and Beauty of God; all His Grace, all His Mercy, all His generosity. Keep the faith, serve God – Jesus shines through us!

Danger alert: Sometimes we think we are equal to God, like we should be able to understand Him – uh, No! Just because you cannot fathom the total awesomeness of the God who created – well everything – doesn’t mean you can invalidate Him, that hurts. God gets angry, and you don’t want to go down that road – read the prophets! God gets angry! Why? He gave us LIFE and the world says “oh, you’re not real, not like food and water, besides we can’t see you.” Seriously? Can’t see God? God is everywhere;

He has shown us His creativity, His power and His divine nature. It’s something we understand with our hearts and our souls – we have no excuses! We KNOW Him; we just don’t honor Him. It’s all about us now. We chose the deceptions of the world over the Truth about God and ended up worshiping ourselves. That’s what we call stickin’ thinkin’.

So God said “Have it your way.” I know it hurts Him to see how evil, envious, selfish and malicious we have become.  What pops up on your news feed? Threats of nuclear war, people bullying others, Tweets from insufferable windbags, cheaters, cold-blooded killers…what’s the result? Suffering, sickness and pain – and we have the nerve to say “Why God, why? Why the hell do you think?

Chew on that dudes!