Watching, Waiting and Worshiping: Advent 2016 Thursday Night Bible Study


“The One who came still comes. The One who spoke still speaks” Max Lucado

Traditionally, we think of Advent (Coming) as a celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ two thousand years ago, but there are three meanings of ‘coming’ that Christians describe in Advent.

  • The first, and most thought of, happened about 2000 years ago when Jesus came into the world as a baby to live as a man and die for us.
  • The second can happen now and at any time, when we invite Jesus to come into our lives
  • The third will happen in the future when Jesus comes back to the world as King and Judge

One way to prepare our hearts and more fully experience Jesus’ coming is through deepening and growing in our relationship with God. Because God is so much greater than our minds can even begin to comprehend, we can only know God through glimpses, through reflections.

As you take time with these reflections during the season of Advent, may they deepen your relationship with God so that you may more fully experience the celebration of the coming of Christ.

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