Winter 2017 Bible Study: Ezekiel 10, Who Are You Like In Your Greatness?

Join us as we continue an exciting exploration of Ezekiel on Thursday, January 26 and Thursday, February 2 beginning at 7:30 p.m. in the church library. We will take two weeks studying the relationship between God and the nation of Egypt.

We will reflect on Ezekiel Chapter 29-32

  • Proclamation Against Egypt: The Sins of Egypt (29:1-16)
  • Babylonia Will Plunder Egypt: Egypt Will Be Conquered by Nebuchadnezzar (29:17-21)
  • Lamentation for Egypt: Egypt’s Judgment Will Be Speedy and Complete (30:1-19)
  • Proclamation Against Pharaoh: The Arm of Pharaoh Shall Be Broken (30:20-26)
  • The Lofty Cedar: Though Like A Giant Cedar Tree, Egypt Will Fall As Did Assyria (31:1-18)
  • The Lofty Cedar: A Lamentation for Pharaoh, King of Egypt (32:1-16)
  • Lamentation Over the Burial of the King and His Subjects (32:17-32)

Supplemental Meditation: 40 Years in the Wilderness. Egypt would suffer a symbolic 40-year wandering period. They would suffer desolation from north to south. They would never again achieve their previous status as a world power and to this day they remain a lowly kingdom.

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